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A community of people with ancestral roots tracing back to India. Rajasthan is the most cultural place known for Art & Culture. The root of the chhipa community started a long year ago in the Mughal era. These are the artisans who are still working toward our tradition to live in the modern era. They have been doing this work for such a long time but are still facing financial issues. In promoting this art form the artisans are not feeling secure involving their children to take this responsibility.

It’s a serious topic to lose our 4000-year-old cultural method of ‘Hand Block Print’. The current time textile industry builds on-screen printing because of low manufacturing and time duration. Compared to the Hand Block Print process is more laborious and time is taken. We are working out this art cultural method & modify it according to the modern fashion trends. We have our own manufacturing unit & artisans. We work together to protect our heritage from others..

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Radha Govind Chhipa

Bagru, Rajasthan

It’s me, Radha Govind Chhipa. Explaining to you a very long year of struggle in some paragraphs. My story started from Bagru, Jaipur. A small village which is known for ancient ancestry art ‘Hand Block Print. It was a blessing to be a part of the artisan family. Which is also known as the chhipa community.  My whole story starts in Bagru, Where I got my education done. Like a former story, In my childhood, I saw my father dealing with many financial crises. One day I went to the place where my father used to work. After watching all the labor putting such an intense physical effort in the work field, I really felt the hard laborious work behind these beautiful color & aesthetic prints. In the present era, there exists a new art of printing called screen printing. This art took a low cost of manufacturing & fast result.

A challenge to survive with new trends of screen printing or taking responsibility to keep our ancient traditional art & craft is not an easy task. In hand block print the artisans need money to survive with a stable source. This historical art took time to prepare. That’s why the cost of this work goes down & disappears slightly.

As I completed my education I started living in my father’s business.  2013 was a  big year for me where many things were going to change as I decided to pursue the thought which was growing with me ‘ The dream of an Entrepreneur’. I promote our Richest Cultural art all over India by doing exhibitions. Age after age for many years our efforts started showing tiny results and slowly and gradually with god’s grace we started achieving the dream. We wished for it! We started with nothing and now, we own a brand named OHOO! JAIPUR and five more outlets of our brand in Mumbai city.

You are reading a word which I am sharing here with you  but the feeling & hard work is much more behind it.’


Anupama Chhipa

Jaipur, Rajasthan

A lot of them say it is easy to have a dream in life but to see the dream, in reality, The term “whatever it takes ‘ plays a vital role in every dreamer’s life. I started my dream as a woman, as a wife, and as a mother. As a woman, I faced a lot of challenges to achieve this. 

           In this dreamy world, we have to be more focused on what we think. Finally, 2013 was a life-changing moment for me. We worked all over India to represent this natural dyeing & Hand Block art. After a lot of hard work, I started getting results. In 2015, we opened our first outlet store in the city of dreams. It actually looks like a dream. My passion had to create avenues of employment opportunities for our artisans. I & my artisans continue working hard and achieving it. As time expands, the challenge takes a vital role to take responsibility for our heritage.


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