History of Hand Block Printing- Richest Culture of Ancient Era

4000-Year-old Culture Evolves Textile Industry

India, Known for its culture and uniqueness. Hand block prints 4000 years back art form represents our such an oldest & richest textile industry. This amazing technique took time and focus for carving wooden blocks with dying and coloring a fabric. The most exciting part of our artisans is to use natural elements. we are prepared color-printed multi-colors garments according to the market trend. In this process, any fabric can be used.

In India, Rajasthan is the most famous place known for majestic palaces, forts, historical sites. There is one more art origin place in Rajasthan that is hand block printing. There are some places like Bagru, Sanganeri, which represent the thousand-year back Jaipur Rajasthan story. These places are not developed their artisans bring this ancient art alive. This is not an easy task to fix all the processes by a single person, the whole family took their efforts to complete this huge process to prepare a garment.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Every corner of the print is filled a high level of taste and light of awareness. This represents our country’s worldwide heritage and rich culture—After all, India has one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of hand-block print work fabric. 3500 to 1300 BC old, this art form was modernized according to the current requirement. This beautiful work was done by an artisan. They take care of our precious ancestry. Hand Block Printing intricate floral motifs. This was introduced & developed by the Mughal patronage in India. By the time this developed all over the world.

The process of Hand Block Printing needs lots of manpower and effort. Mostly three main action washing, coloring, and printing In the Mughal era hand block printing techniques were fully natural and manual. For coloring/dying our artisans were using natural and vegetable dyes. The wooden block is hand-carved by artisans. It’s hardly learning the trade from their families.

This art form of work required dedication, patience, and deft careful hand-eye coordination. There are lots of machine work fabrics available in the market. Because of using synthetic color it’s harms our skin. The natural method of hand block print embroidery takes time & hard work. we have experienced artisans to help us. we are working to protect our cultural heritage method. One more benefits is skin-friendly garments to protect from disease and environment friendly.

Talk about art beauty. Mughal art, this stunning method was born. Jaipur, Rajasthan was established by the Mughals. Have you ever noticed that in Mughal era architecture? It has its unique style to represent through architecture like the Taj Mahal, Jama masjid, Hawa mahal, etc.

Hand Block Printing get hold of its shape in this era. The block print collection vision is huge like dresses, home decor, fashionable bags & tops many more. The Mughal style came to define huge parts of Indian artistry as we know it today, touching everything from block printing. The entire textile industry developed under the Mughal patronage.

“Rajasthan which is the most colorful and spiritual states in our country. its known for their deep-rooted culture and traditions with its rich history. Every corner start & end with a enormous story“

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