Stunning Natural Method- Hand Block Print

The Textile Industry always working on new Fashion demands, But the ancient textile industry arises with its specialty and uniqueness.

In India, there are so many Traditions, here we are going to explain a centuries-old art form that is still alive in the heart of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This process requires hand and eye coordination to give a finished look to the fabric. Engraving wooden blocks to prepare for design is the most delicate process, which originates in design life on clothes through lots of colors.

Currently, Bagru In Rajasthan is the key center of hand block printing. Bagru, Sanganer, and more places are especially known for Hand Block Printing. In the earliest times, hand block printing used natural and vegetable colors but now there is also machine work available in the market at a low price but we still inherently provide block print garments. This process took a lot of effort & laborious tasks. We have our artisans who drive our tradition in their way of life from generation to generation. The modern generation improves the state of the art that strives to keep their family & art alive by observing new markets and following fashion strategies. Let’s know about the process of hand block print.


Preparing the block :

Making a block is the process of designing wood is known as Block Carving. This process is a beauty of the art, Artisans makes the design on paper and then carves them on wood. To get the finest wood blocks there are different types of wood are used according to the intricacy of the carved design. Once selected, the wood is sanded with smooth sanding, the wood is coated in Khadria, a mix of quicklime and PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) glue. A grid is traced, and the design is transferred to it. The design is carved by using multiple small chisels and drills.

The block begins to take shape, Artisans undertake each part of the detailed carving process. Once the block-making process is completed, the sides of the block are trimmed. A coat of varnish is applied and the handle is attached. as the woodblock is carved properly the block needs to be put in mustard oil for 24 hours, the wood should absorb the oil properly. Wood carving involves good skills, a delicacy for design making, and how the block would be used. The quality of wood decided the depth of the pattern of creating a long-lasting printing block.

Harda Dying:

Harda dying is a yellowish tint in a process of Hand block printing. In this process, the fabric is dyed in cool water with Harda powder which is used as a primer. It helps to increase the color absorbing & enhancement capabilities.

Color Making:

For color making, we use vegetable seeds, flowers & leaves, etc. such as Carrot, red chili is used to make the Red color, and Coriander, Spinach is used to make the green color. This color-making process is a sustainable process of making natural colors by the artisans of India. These colors are beneficial not only for the environment but also for the skin. People prefer natural colors which do not cause any kind of diseases or skin allergies.


As the Color making process completes, the artisan starts printing on cloth. Hand Block printing has a special method that needs to be followed in order to get the perfect color result. When the printing is started it begins from left to right.

The Artisan dips the block into the color and stamps on the fabric. This process is continued with the many meters of yarn. There are many printed prints are available in the places such as Bagru, Maheshwari, Dabu, Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Bagh, Sanganeri, etc.

Washing & Drying:
As the printing process is completed, the printed fabrics are dipped and soaked in soap water, bathed for about 2 to 3 days to get rid of starch and impurities. Once dyed, the fabric needs to lay flat and dry in the Sunlight.

Drying the clothes properly by artisans, the hand block printed fabric is ready to place in the market. Our country India is known for the Hand Block Print worldwide for its uniqueness, natural color & traditions. This beautiful Art is still alive in our artisans who are reviving Traditional crafts. As we explain the process of Hand Block Printing before, trying to appropriate the design & print on the demand report of the market. Any fabrics that may be silk or cotton can be used for Hand Block Printing.

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